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Hey! You are a tourist? Perhaps, looking for a company to spend a day with? Welcome to PikkMe! PikkMe is community of travelers connecting anywhere they visit. Simply look for likewise individuals at the location you are at, or start looking for travel buddies while planning your journey.


Pikkmates and Pikklocals

There are no limits: search for couples, individuals, parents with kids and have fun. Book excursions together, share a car to visit hidden gems of your choice, go to a happy hour, or celebrate holidays together like home, when you are far away from home. If you are local and love to share your passion and love for your city with visitors, we got you covered too! There are no strings attached, spend as much time together as wished, not only share your economies, share your worlds. When travel – PikkMe.


The way it works

  • create a profile, you must be 18 years old or older
  • fill out your travel agenda (where and when)
  • hit "results" or scroll down to "display results"
  • connect to the other Pikkers
  • Enjoy!


  • decide whether you want others to find you by the same request (we recommend it)
  • "like" Pikkers you would love to chat, you’ll see a heart next to their profiles
  • you can describe who you travel with (kids) or add your party’s PikkMe profiles to your itineraries
  • function "near me" will display results of fellow Pikkers and locals
  • your itineraries are saved in your profile

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